Black soap, which translates to ‘Oṣe Dudu’ in Yoruba (the predominant language in Western Nigeria), is an age-old, handmade traditional soap which consists of pure natural ingredients and herbs from the tropical rain forest and savannah regions.

Camwood (baphia nitida), which translates to ‘Igi Osun’ in Yoruba, is a tropical hardwood rich in saponnins, polyphenols terpenes and more. It has been used for exfoliation for centuries by West Africans; primarily for sensitive baby skin.

A combination of these two names forms Dudu-Osun; our flagship soap brand which was established in 1995 under Cosmos Chemicals Limited (now Tropical Naturals Limited) Nigeria.

The evolution of Tropical Naturals occurred organically over a twenty-year period. Starting out with a manually-operated small-scale plant in 1995, the firm’s flagship brand, Dudu-Osun, has grown to receive global recognition with sales in over fifty countries.